Sunday, January 1, 2012

Paradigm Shift in Conscious Awareness of Self

Archetype InI have embodied until this moment in time:

"Sister of Sorrow"

Internally, InI know, this is not the whole truth of who I am. It is not the fullest expression of my soul.

Within my heart, I know myself to be a joyous soul; full of laughter and song, hope, faith, peace, and love.

Sorrow has been the mantle I have willingly worn... until now. In this very moment my awareness is shifting - the paradigm of what I have consciously been aware of as my life is shifting... It is beginning to feel as if I can now remove this "mantle" - "cloak" I have worn in service to the One and humanity. With this awareness also comes a profound knowing that this portion of me, my soul, will never be lost AND it is not the fullest expression of the whole truth of who I am.


This is a time of birth - the labor pains have been great and may continue yet for some time for 'I' do not control the timing of this birth - I am participating in this birth with the One, with God as I understand God.


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  1. Precious One,
    I have missed our convos...hoping you are truly free of sorrows.

    Much has happened since we last communicated....I supposing for you as well...

    Weathering the wind here is fearsome indeed!!

    Have moved most of my viewing and interactions to since the change at yt.

    Please let me know how you are. Know that I keep you in my thoughts and prayers often.

    Blessings and Peace....Jade