Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vibe Rational GRATITUDE

Frequency Changes and Choosing Gratitude

As the frequencies on the planet are changing and the Light is increasing, the lower density frequencies of negativity are being released – consciously and unconsciously from the minds and cells of humanity and mother earth.

As a result, these lower density energies (sometimes entities), are seeking new hosts in which to embody and proliferate.

Gratitude lists consciously written or said out loud is one way in which and individual can “occupy” their minds and raise personal frequencies, thereby denying the ‘loosed’ lower density negative energies, fertile ground within the mind and body.

Take responsibility for your mind and body by making the effort to consciously create the fertile ground of peace and harmony within your mind.


Julie Redstone

Affirmations of light help focus awareness on the truths that one's inner being knows that the mind may not be fully able to integrate. Repeating these or variations that one's heart resonates with can initiate a process of healing.

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