Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chemtrail Skies - A Poem

Chemtrail Skies on a warm sunny day,
watch now as the blue skies turn to gray.

The sun which shown so bright and true,
is now a hazy gray hue.

The population below is consciously, unaware
their subconsciousness registers, "beware, beware".

Fear and anxiety controlling Jah's people,
HAARP them now and watch them act like sheople.

A solution is sprayed, Aluminum, Barium, Silver Iodide,
yes there are metals,
which falls into the water, onto the crops, and the flower petals.

Our Government sponsors this war on the people,
Keep your hope strong for Jah will help His people.

So keep questioning this reality matrix they are creating,
for it is not the Sacred Reality that is awaiting.


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