Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chem-trailing WE the PEOPLE – VibeIrrational Representation

Chem-trailing and Questioning the Reality Matrix.

InI was thinking today as I watched the planes chem-trailing the skies from a beautiful blue cloudless sky to a milky white, dreary and oppressing sky – who is really representing WE the PEOPLE in Congress and the Senate of the United States?

In the Northeast in the Autumn, the sun shines less bright and the amount of light people are able to absorb is less as a result of the shortened day. So how can chem-trailing a blue sky full of sunshine be in the best interests of WE the PEOPLE?

As a direct result of the chem-trailing the temperature drops which increases the cost of heating, which is especially burdensome to the elderly and poor. As a result of the chem-trailing, less Vitamin D (bones and skin) is absorbed, which is harmful to children, pregnant women, the elderly, and the general population. As a result of the chem-trailing those individuals with S.A.D – Seasonal Affective Disorder, receive less needed natural sunlight and as a result are more prone to depression.

How are WE the PEOPLE being represented by Congress and the Senate when it comes to chem-trailing the skies of the United States of America?


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