Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chemtrail Skies - A Poem

Chemtrail Skies on a warm sunny day,
watch now as the blue skies turn to gray.

The sun which shown so bright and true,
is now a hazy gray hue.

The population below is consciously, unaware
their subconsciousness registers, "beware, beware".

Fear and anxiety controlling Jah's people,
HAARP them now and watch them act like sheople.

A solution is sprayed, Aluminum, Barium, Silver Iodide,
yes there are metals,
which falls into the water, onto the crops, and the flower petals.

Our Government sponsors this war on the people,
Keep your hope strong for Jah will help His people.

So keep questioning this reality matrix they are creating,
for it is not the Sacred Reality that is awaiting.


Friday, November 25, 2011


"LOS ANGELES -- A woman shot pepper spray to keep shoppers from merchandise she wanted during a Black Friday sale, and 20 people suffered minor injuries, authorities said."

When will we as Americans learn to value human life over our greed? Greed is a longstanding oppositional energy associated with the taking of lands in this country from the first Americans to our national entitlement-belief in the validity of the invasion of other countries. The energies of greed minimize the sacredness of all life over dollar value and ownership of material goods. 

This story saddened me deeply and is one call of many for WE the PEOPLE to awaken to the truth of who really really are as a measure of our worth.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chem-trailing WE the PEOPLE – VibeIrrational Representation

Chem-trailing and Questioning the Reality Matrix.

InI was thinking today as I watched the planes chem-trailing the skies from a beautiful blue cloudless sky to a milky white, dreary and oppressing sky – who is really representing WE the PEOPLE in Congress and the Senate of the United States?

In the Northeast in the Autumn, the sun shines less bright and the amount of light people are able to absorb is less as a result of the shortened day. So how can chem-trailing a blue sky full of sunshine be in the best interests of WE the PEOPLE?

As a direct result of the chem-trailing the temperature drops which increases the cost of heating, which is especially burdensome to the elderly and poor. As a result of the chem-trailing, less Vitamin D (bones and skin) is absorbed, which is harmful to children, pregnant women, the elderly, and the general population. As a result of the chem-trailing those individuals with S.A.D – Seasonal Affective Disorder, receive less needed natural sunlight and as a result are more prone to depression.

How are WE the PEOPLE being represented by Congress and the Senate when it comes to chem-trailing the skies of the United States of America?


Monday, November 14, 2011

Days of Creation

Days of Creation  
  Nov 14, 2011
Transformation and awakening into the Divine world of prophesy. All are being affected today by the changing vibration of the Earth. Thus, does the 'Fifth World' of Hopi prophesy begin.

Music by Marcome, "Nostrie Tiempo," from the album "River of Soul."

Music by Marcome can be found at and

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Revelation 12:1 - - - A Great Sign - - - Monks of Abbey Fontgombault

 Signum Magnum-A Great Sign (Gregorian chant)
12.11.2011 08:19:23: Revelation 12:1 / Abbey Fontgombault/

Blessed is This Day - Transformation


"We" the servants of the LIGHT, have been released from our work of transmutation and the 'holding' of the horrors and blood shed upon our Beloved Mother Earth. For She is rising - ascending - the blood of nations spilled in Her soil is being purified and redeemed.

She is rising, like the morning sun, in all Her glory - She is rising and transforming Her body - our beloved home to all its former glory and goodness.

A transformation is in process by which our Beloved Mother is transforming the suffering, the blood shed on Her. She has held this history of violence, suffering, and greed for so long within Her and Her travails have ended.

The souls trapped here are being released from their torments and prisons. (Praise be.)

They are being redeemed, transformed, they are letting go - moving now - moving towards the Light - transformed. Many different dimensions of trapped souls are being redeemed.

I see them - they are leaving the earth plane - I see them locked at one time in many different dimensions - locked in their torment and pain - rising into the Light.

This is the redemption of the dead, the mad, the tormented, the tortured; the unhealed are healing and moving towards the Light. It is as if they are rising from their graves - from the Earth - yea, from the bowels of hell - rising - the Light enveloping them - the Glory of the Light - embracing them - arms of angels caressing them and these souls, in all dimensions - are as if they are disappearing - absorbed by the Light.

Released. Released - they are being released. The blood shed in our Beloved Mother Earth is being purified - redeemed. The trees are rejoicing - laughing in their joy, the flowers are embracing the Light. the wind whispers prayers. Prayers are upon the winds breath as our Beloved Mother expands, releases, transforms, ascends, becomes as One with the Beloved ONE, Creator of all...

In the Light

...the Light

...the Light.


Blessed is this day.

Blessed is the Beloved One.


Release   and Transform

* * *

In your stillness... I AM.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vibe Rational GRATITUDE

Frequency Changes and Choosing Gratitude

As the frequencies on the planet are changing and the Light is increasing, the lower density frequencies of negativity are being released – consciously and unconsciously from the minds and cells of humanity and mother earth.

As a result, these lower density energies (sometimes entities), are seeking new hosts in which to embody and proliferate.

Gratitude lists consciously written or said out loud is one way in which and individual can “occupy” their minds and raise personal frequencies, thereby denying the ‘loosed’ lower density negative energies, fertile ground within the mind and body.

Take responsibility for your mind and body by making the effort to consciously create the fertile ground of peace and harmony within your mind.


Julie Redstone

Affirmations of light help focus awareness on the truths that one's inner being knows that the mind may not be fully able to integrate. Repeating these or variations that one's heart resonates with can initiate a process of healing.