Saturday, October 1, 2011

VIBeRATIONAL: Attaining Energetic Neutrality

Negativity and Neutrality

Negativity is not our natural state of being.

There is a mantra within this statement.

Energy has polar opposites – negative and positive electrons, matter and antimatter. Both polarities are a part of the whole, Oneness.

Consciousness is the same. Within the consciousness there are negative and positive polarities. Information carries negative and positive polarities. Engagements with our holograms of reality (illusion) and engagements with anything outside of the ‘self’ carries positive and negative polarities.

The goal for all of us is to attain and maintain a neutral state of being – consciousness. Many spiritual paths give guidance on this teaching.

When negative thoughts are overwhelming your mind and emotions, the spiritual teaching in that moment is to disengage from the energies themselves and achieve a state of emotional neutrality. This is not numbness or shutting down, rather this is a conscious effort on your part to disengage from the thought-forms of negativity and the content, until you are grounded in your heart and feeling peaceful.

From this point of peace – the situation may be looked at and discernment as to how to engage with the situation (experience) can arise from the heart to the consciousness. Don’t be surprised when first putting this form of beingness into practice if the energies come back full force, as within the brain there are longstanding neural pathways which are in the process of being transformed and the natural inclination of the brain will be to follow the previously well worn neural pathways.

Remember, negativity is not our natural state of being. When the negative thoughts or emotions arise into your awareness (consciousness) these are opportunities to go within, still the mind, anchor your ‘self’ in your hearts, disengage from the negative energies (detachment) and find your center – peace. From that point – anchored in your heart – centeredness – peace, the energetic dynamic changes and so to will your reality.


Cosmic energy pervades all space in the universe; it synchronizes the elements, bringing order to chaos. When we meditate, we connect with that cosmic harmony, allowing it to flow through us.

“…The entire situation described so far regarding the creation of reality, though complex, exists in a harmony of layer upon layer of co-creation, except where deliberately manipulated by non-harmonic elements that wish to disrupt the peace and accord of the whole. These non-harmonic elements of darkness also have an influence over the consciousness that shapes reality, and at times of great spiritual and physical change, their intention to prevent light from expanding causes increased activity around the point of light that is on the cusp of a new level of revelation.”

" learning to let go of anger sooner, we change the habitual neural loops causing us to keep the anger burning long after the perceived threat has passed. We can reprogram our cortex to let go of anger sooner, thereby not perpetuating the anger mechanisms of the amygdala beyond their natural protective functioning."
The Biology of Anger

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