Saturday, October 1, 2011

VIBeIRRATIONAL: Feeding the Energies of Anger - Entitlement and Justification

Feeding the Energies of Anger - Entitlement and Justification

When an individual feels they are “justified” or “entitled” to feel anger long after the perceived threat which incited the anger is gone, an often unconscious, energetic invitation occurs through the prolonging of the life force of the energies of anger.

In these instances InI am not speaking in reference to reactions to horrific incidences of violence, degradation, sufferation, and the like. I am speaking of the anger which occurs within individuals on a daily basis, from their interactions with each other and experiences in their lives.

When an individual ‘chooses’ to hold on to their anger (justification), to replay within their minds the situation and their response of anger, when an individual feels ‘entitled’ to their anger, when an individual ‘chooses’ to have a resentment (to re-feel); it is then that the dark forces are invoked – or called forth – through an attraction to the negative polarity energies. These negative polarity forces (entities) feed upon negative polarity energies. By moving from a neutral state of ‘beingness’ into a state of negative energetic alignment (conscious or unconscious), the negative forces respond by feeding off the negative polarity energies. The longer the self stays in alignment with negative energies, the more the negative entities are ‘fed’ and the cycle continues within you, often affecting those around you.

Consciousness transforms reality. Consciousness of the energies you are aligning with and/or ‘feeding’ can transform your reality. The choice is yours…


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