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Mystery of the Divine Father-Mother God - LightOmega12

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Who can fathom the mystery of the Father-Mother God in its dual aspect of being and becoming? Divine Essence and Divine Creator - both are One.

Music by Manish Vyas - "Shivoham." White Swan Records.
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World In Union - VibeReady!

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Kiri Te Kanawa-World In Union (''Jupiter'' from ''The Planets'', GUSTAV HOLST)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Live your life

Live your life - Keb' Mo'

'OCCUPY WALL STREET' - A Spiritual Perspective

The enkindling of consciousness through the flame ignited by ‘
Occupy Wall Street’ is not primarily about specific content.  It is not primarily about form.  It is not primarily about what, if anything, this movement will lead to.  It is primarily and powerfully about the enkindling of the heart and soul as it seeks a new and better way to live, and about the empowerment of the individual in seeking that better way.

There are times on the world stage when an event that is small in scope or number may be large in terms of energetic impact.  The effect of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ may be looked at in this way, since its impact is primarily vibrational or energetic, and it may or may not create a form or structure with which to house its current ideals.

What is an energetic or vibrational impact? 

It is the movement transmitted by spiritual light that activates the consciousness of the inner being to awaken more to the deeper values of the heart.  This activation comes in the form of an ‘enkindling,’ in the same manner as wood is enkindled.  There is a light that ignites a flame that travels from one to another and awakens each heart to feel more deeply what it holds to be most important and most true.

‘Occupy Wall Street’ may be scoffed at by some as not having clearly formulated proposals for change, or as being naïve in its belief in the kind of community that is trying to be established, or even, simply, in the fact that there are still relatively few who are taking part in the demonstrations, now worldwide.  Nevertheless, the spark that was ignited in the hearts of a very few in New York City on September 17th has spread across the globe and has become a vehicle for the expression of yearnings for economic and social change that would, in effect, create a new society.

The values of the heart that are being ignited today are the fundamental values of each embodied soul to be able to live with dignity, self-respect, and the freedom to choose their own way of life.  They are also the values of the heart that cares for the plight of others, especially those who cannot escape from conditions of poverty or joblessness because there is no clear means for doing so.  They are values of cooperation rather than competition, of inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness as it pertains to the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few.  The awakening of the heart asks that society become more just, more respectful of the needs of the many, especially of the need to have a sustainable life which includes the ability to work and to support oneself and one’s family.

The enkindling of consciousness through the flame ignited by ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is not primarily about specific content.  It is not primarily about form.  It is not primarily about what, if anything, this movement will lead to.  It is primarily and powerfully about the enkindling of the heart and soul as it seeks a new and better way to live.  This enkindling is produced by spiritual light.  It is activated by spiritual light.  And though its future remains unknown, it is, at this time, a significant upswelling of the idealism of many who seek to live according to the basic rights of human beings to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Awakening and Reclaiming... "We The People"

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"What may be seen as the 'Spirit of America' is alive and visible in the gathering of young people, especially, who wish to change the current political-economic system that has given rise to what everyone is aware of and no one seems to know what to do about, namely, the continuing debt crisis domestically and abroad, and the disparity within the United States between the very rich and the poor."

"Now, I am going to suggest that what is happening now, with the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, and the "economic" unrest in Europe, is a part of the process of "remembering who we are", and an important transition into a New Economic Reality. The "Occupy" movement is focussing anger at the greed and exploitation of the big Banks and Corporations, and the way in which ordinary people are being pushed into poverty as a small elite get richer and richer. Hunger and hardship increase, due to price control and inflation, while all the while there is enough on the Planet to support all who live here. But, this is the first time that this is being given widespread recognition."

Monday, October 10, 2011

Awakening As One - October 28 2011

Revelations - Awakening As One - October 28 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

10/28/11 - 11/11/11 - Mayan Elders Sacred Pilgrimage - Awakening Sacred Consciousness


TO ALL OUR SOLAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS: We are very glad to inform all of you initiates from all over the world that on October 27th, 2011, the pilgrimage journey in which we are going to take the sacred Crystal Skulls, is going to leave from Manhattan, New York, with destination to Los Ángeles, CA, in the United States.

All along the way we are going to invoke and implore the Great Cosmic Spirit to enlighten our pathway and the roads we are going to walk on carrying our sacred crystal skulls. This way the skulls will enlighten and activate all the sites where the Great Cosmic Spirit is going to be present. Thus, the sacred sites we are going to visit like Great Serpent Mound, OH; the temples of Cahokia, IL; Sedona, AZ; and many other sacred centers will be activated through this cosmic resonance. Tamuanchán (the original Mayan name for the USA) will be once again the sacred site that must enlighten the whole of mankind in this world.

Please help us make this journey of spiritual greatness so the sacred Crystal Skulls take us in these our beloved lands of our eternal Tamuanchán where our Father Sun and our Mother Earth will take care of our sacred spirit forever.

May the Great Spirit be always with you,

Hunbatz Men Council of Maya Itza Priests and Elders

"For those of you who are unfamiliar with the significance of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls, these ancient relics are said to contain information about the history of our planet and the future of mankind. Carved out of pure quartz crystal, and other crystals such as jade, the Skulls generate an energy field that activates human consciousness in a way that expands our perceptions of reality. Ultimately they are the manifestation of Spirit in a form that is now helping to shift the magnetic frequency of Mother Earth. When the Spirits of the Skulls are ceremonially awakened, ancient wisdom, wisdom that has been preserved in a crystalline matrix for eons, enters the unified field and fills the collective consciousness with all the knowledge of everything that has happened on the planet in the last 26,000 years, and perhaps beyond. "


Tuesday, October 4, 2011



It appears to be less a movement than a collection of individuals with grievances about 'how it is.'  And yet the protests of merely hundreds of people in places, (in New York City one estimate placed it as high as fifteen hundred), have gathered support across America and gained national and international media coverage.  This is more than a fascination with the youth of America speaking out.  It is a spiritual current that is finding expression in those who have the least to lose and the most to gain by expressing their idealism and feeling that this expression can make a difference.

What may be seen as the 'Spirit of America' is alive and visible in the gathering of young people, especially, who wish to change the current political-economic system that has given rise to what everyone is aware of and no one seems to know what to do about, namely, the continuing debt crisis domestically and abroad, and the disparity within the United States between the very rich and the poor.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

VIBeIRRATIONAL: Feeding the Energies of Anger - Entitlement and Justification

Feeding the Energies of Anger - Entitlement and Justification

When an individual feels they are “justified” or “entitled” to feel anger long after the perceived threat which incited the anger is gone, an often unconscious, energetic invitation occurs through the prolonging of the life force of the energies of anger.

In these instances InI am not speaking in reference to reactions to horrific incidences of violence, degradation, sufferation, and the like. I am speaking of the anger which occurs within individuals on a daily basis, from their interactions with each other and experiences in their lives.

When an individual ‘chooses’ to hold on to their anger (justification), to replay within their minds the situation and their response of anger, when an individual feels ‘entitled’ to their anger, when an individual ‘chooses’ to have a resentment (to re-feel); it is then that the dark forces are invoked – or called forth – through an attraction to the negative polarity energies. These negative polarity forces (entities) feed upon negative polarity energies. By moving from a neutral state of ‘beingness’ into a state of negative energetic alignment (conscious or unconscious), the negative forces respond by feeding off the negative polarity energies. The longer the self stays in alignment with negative energies, the more the negative entities are ‘fed’ and the cycle continues within you, often affecting those around you.

Consciousness transforms reality. Consciousness of the energies you are aligning with and/or ‘feeding’ can transform your reality. The choice is yours…


VIBeRATIONAL: Attaining Energetic Neutrality

Negativity and Neutrality

Negativity is not our natural state of being.

There is a mantra within this statement.

Energy has polar opposites – negative and positive electrons, matter and antimatter. Both polarities are a part of the whole, Oneness.

Consciousness is the same. Within the consciousness there are negative and positive polarities. Information carries negative and positive polarities. Engagements with our holograms of reality (illusion) and engagements with anything outside of the ‘self’ carries positive and negative polarities.

The goal for all of us is to attain and maintain a neutral state of being – consciousness. Many spiritual paths give guidance on this teaching.

When negative thoughts are overwhelming your mind and emotions, the spiritual teaching in that moment is to disengage from the energies themselves and achieve a state of emotional neutrality. This is not numbness or shutting down, rather this is a conscious effort on your part to disengage from the thought-forms of negativity and the content, until you are grounded in your heart and feeling peaceful.

From this point of peace – the situation may be looked at and discernment as to how to engage with the situation (experience) can arise from the heart to the consciousness. Don’t be surprised when first putting this form of beingness into practice if the energies come back full force, as within the brain there are longstanding neural pathways which are in the process of being transformed and the natural inclination of the brain will be to follow the previously well worn neural pathways.

Remember, negativity is not our natural state of being. When the negative thoughts or emotions arise into your awareness (consciousness) these are opportunities to go within, still the mind, anchor your ‘self’ in your hearts, disengage from the negative energies (detachment) and find your center – peace. From that point – anchored in your heart – centeredness – peace, the energetic dynamic changes and so to will your reality.


Cosmic energy pervades all space in the universe; it synchronizes the elements, bringing order to chaos. When we meditate, we connect with that cosmic harmony, allowing it to flow through us.

“…The entire situation described so far regarding the creation of reality, though complex, exists in a harmony of layer upon layer of co-creation, except where deliberately manipulated by non-harmonic elements that wish to disrupt the peace and accord of the whole. These non-harmonic elements of darkness also have an influence over the consciousness that shapes reality, and at times of great spiritual and physical change, their intention to prevent light from expanding causes increased activity around the point of light that is on the cusp of a new level of revelation.”

" learning to let go of anger sooner, we change the habitual neural loops causing us to keep the anger burning long after the perceived threat has passed. We can reprogram our cortex to let go of anger sooner, thereby not perpetuating the anger mechanisms of the amygdala beyond their natural protective functioning."
The Biology of Anger