Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Letting go of the "NEED" to know

InI have become aware of how recent events – especially those ‘predicted’ with specific ‘timelines’ of possible destruction occurring – has been affecting mass consciousness and disrupting peoples lives.

There seems to be a possible psych-operation in effect of what InI intuit as a ‘testing’ of people - the masses (emotionality) on the internet – social media – alternative media sources and how the masses (people), in regards to the internet are reacting.

Is it possible InI have been perceiving, that there is a concerted attempt, as planetary and cosmic changes are accelerating, of inserting people and information that seems to be testing the reactions of the internet – groups – individuals?

Is there emotional data mining – reaction mining occurring?

This line of inner questioning led I to an interview* where Clif High, whom is the creator of the webots and predictive programming was speaking and these words/quotes seemed to align with my intuitions:

“…the flavor of the time will dictate mass actions - flavor of the time – reaction of entrenched powers – reaction of the masses”

Cyclical patterns of “Building tension language” “Release language” “Building tension language”

Which led I to question what pattern recently has been manifesting as the flavor of time related to the reality of shifting changes?

The need for balance and listening to inner “KNOWING”

Disturbing events and information - detaching from emotional content.

Detachment is not about inaction – detachment is not about not being aware – detachment is about discerning what “feels true” and what the ego may be prompting you to engage in related to negative polarity energies such as fear and anger (whether you are conscious of this or not).

Detachment is about being able to let go of the EGO and the EGO’s need to know based on fear and the ensuing need to protect self and those close to the self.

This process InI am speaking to is about going deeper into the self and a relationship with a power greater than the self (ego) and listening for inner guidance in the presence of information which may incite the energies of anger or fear.

The ego may misinterpret what InI am saying from fear (a need to protect itself) as this process of detachment is about moving from an “I have a NEED to know” to “I am aware of what is going on around me” orientation. This is the difference between action based life and reaction based life. People and groups of people who are collectively reactive are easier to control then those who are “active” based on detachment and knowing.

If something you are reading, watching, or listening to, incites fear or anger – then consciousness as the observer is necessary. “Am I feeling fear, is this causing me to feel angry, is this causing me to feel panic or anxiety”? “What is my inner truth – what was I feeling before reading/watching/listening to this information? What am I feeling now – what is my inner knowing? What is my heart telling me? Am I obsessing about this information? Am I concerned and able to let it go and wait for inner guidance to prompt my actions?

Your inner voice - the ego and fear
“What if I can’t tell what is going on within me?” “What if I don’t trust that I will hear my inner voice?” “What if I don’t have an inner voice” “What if I don’t trust my inner voice?”

These are all valid questions on the journey to inner knowing - discernment - detachment from outer realities and illusions. These are also the questions of the ego based in fear. Discernment takes consciousness, effort, and the desire to free the self from bondage of the personal ego and the planetary ego (consciousness based in fear).

On the journey, the self will be supported by the soul – the Higher Self and the consciousness of ONE – LOVE, the Creator. It is a journey the ego must endure. InI use the word endure as the ego will find the process painful as it becomes less in control of how your life unfolds in each moment and your conscious self (through conscious attention) become more aware of your thoughts and ensuing actions.


*Quote excerpts from interview

Marshal Masters & Clif High on Disinformation http/

Even in listening to the interview InI became aware of conversations within this interview that incited the energies of ‘fear” and detached, directing my attention instead to what was being discussed which felt true (and neutral) based on the original intuition which led to research and the writing of this posting.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Sacred Transition: World Blessings

A Sacred Transition

September 25, 2011

Dearest Beloved Ones,

A new vibration of light has entered into the realms of time and space in the physically manifested world. This sacred, pure and holy light is from God, and is carried into manifestation by the One embodied Christ who has blessed all of life with divine life and presence.

This light has been ordained, since before the beginning of time, and is arriving into the hearts and minds of all who are ready to receive it. The divine timing of its arrival is purposeful, and is intended to create a sacred place of safety and shelter for the difficult times that are ahead.

Beloved ones, a sacred transition is in process, and all the Blessings of the Light messages we have sent through this messenger have been in preparation for the new manifestation that is arriving now. The next messages will arrive to you in a new form, after this time of transition.

We bless your heart's connection to divine love, divine light, and divine truth which are available to all who seek to know God's reality here on the Earth.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Human Early Warning Frequency Detectors - A VIBeRATIONAL Theory

Sensitives/Empaths – God/Creator’s Human Early Warning Frequency Detectors

The research InI have been doing lately has brought an interesting theory of LOVE forward in my consciousness. What if as sensitives/empaths and others of the same biological/spiritual wiring systems have been gifted through their sensitivity to frequency changes a part of LOVE’s early warning systems?

What if the gifts we have been given for detecting (abnormalities of) frequencies – especially those related to HAARP, cosmic events, and earth’s changing frequencies (i.e. weather pressure and earth pressure buildups leading to earthquakes)?

Part of my coming to this theory has to do with an experience InI had of YT blocking the transmission of a video InI wanted to view. Even though there was full signal, it took at least 3x longer to watch the video as it kept stopping and reloading. As InI was watching, the intent behind this event of difficult loading came to InI with clarity, that it was a form of frequency control, hoping that InI would just give up and not watch. Now this isn’t the first time InI have noticed this behaviour in vids, there has been a clear pattern of what those in control of YT seem to deem controversial. As I don’t watch videos with graphic violence or any type of visual sexual degradation, InI cannot say if the same materials are deemed ‘controversial” and the viewers go through the same experience.

Coming forward to this realization that it was indeed a form of control of the free will, InI found that it was actually funny and it did not make I angry. This morning InI reflected on my re-action and it came forward to I that it may be because deep down InI KNOW that LOVE has provided another way of KNOWING that is not dependent on TPTB, rather it is dependent on the Power That IS – God/Creator.

And this way of KNOWING – this early warning system? Well it is in all of us. Many are not aware of this gift of frequency detection. For many more who are sensitive to frequency abnormalities, we have long been so inundated with negative lower density frequencies it has been difficult for us to even navigate through our own environments. It seems to I that as the frequency of the planet is rising and cosmic LIGHT is increasing - not only is our ability to perceive the difference in our own frequencies, those around us, and those of the darker negative polarities increasing and becoming more tangible – that our abilities to detect frequency abnormalities and warn others as needed or guide others who may not be as aware of their own frequency detection gifts -IS- the blessing of this level of awareness, as we as a planetary family and mother earth move through our changes and healing process.

This rich and profound blessing of LOVE is not lost on I. There are millions of us on the planet, all here in one form or another to serve humanity and frequency detection is an incredible gift that InI perceive will not only be developed but respected as we move forward through time and space.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Cyber-pathology and Chat Boards - Vibe Irrational Interactions in Cyberspace

In these times of awakening and interactions with embodied souls without eye-contact and body language to help us discern the "wheat from the chaffe" here are a few symptoms of a cyber vibe-irrational interaction:

With gratitude and thanks to   for list of symptoms which I hope will serve as a means to assist those who may be the unknowing victims of cyberabuse - cyberpathology