Saturday, August 6, 2011

VibeRational: Lessons of Compassion and Wisdom 101

I learned a humbling lesson yesterday. The lesson came with ramifications to my health, and sadness to my soul.

The lesson plan has been with me throughout this lifetime; each day of my life, a page unfolding, ripe with learning; my unconscious self resisting - resisting the lesson of compassion that must be balanced with wisdom.

With the intensity of LIGHT permeating the planet from the sun and the intensity of the LIGHT permeating my soul from the work of the embodied Christ transmuting the darkness and anchoring the LIGHT on behalf of humanity, a doorway into my karmic history was opened. This doorway opened in real time, the illusions surrounding my ‘helping’ - ‘seeking to help” embodied souls entwined in darkness, much was laid out before me to ‘see’ with eyes which were previously veiled.

As intense amounts of LIGHT from the recent solar flares were permeating our atmosphere, I felt a calling within me to help anchor the LIGHT and help to transmute the darkness on a message board with a group of cyber-souls of which I feel a great love for. Throughout the day, when I recognized the darkness manifesting with strength, I would seek to help balance the energies, to ‘enLIGHTen’ the souls which were unknowingly purifying the energies of rage, hatred, intolerance, fear, and a host of density negative energies. My soul felt called to help anchor the LIGHT in this gathering place and sought to transmute the darkness in service and love. Even though I had not been asked to.

Rarely during this day of learning and testing, would the souls I was with, recognize – become conscious of – the energies which were manifesting through them (I included!). I witnessed, yet did not pay attention to, their seeming inability (unwillingness?) to contain the darkness which was rising into their consciousness’, energies surfacing in the LIGHT to be purified and healed. I watched as these souls lashed out and blasted each other with missiles of hate and darkness. Cycle after cycle of warring with each other seemed to be refueled by the energies being released within them as the LIGHT strengthened in its intensity within the magnetosphere. (Yes, everything I have said above pertains to I!).

Our beloved Gaia handled this influx of LIGHT with grace, and her humans, at least in this microcosm of illusion and reality, of which I was a part, warred with each other. And I, in my karmic illusion, was not with InI, and thought without the benefit of wisdom balancing my compassion – that I could ‘help’.

Perhaps there were those who were reading and not participating, who gleaned new insights by the written word I shared, and for this I give thanks to my Beloved Creator, my God. AND, many of those who were participating, chose not to hear my words and to engage with each other in darkness. The result being my health was affected; the beauty of the LIGHT manifesting in that point in time and space was missed. (I thought was missed by being in an energetic situation that did not reflect LIGHT). I had mistakenly thought I had missed the beauty of the LIGHT when in actuality the beauty of the LIGHT was the lifting of the karmic veil, the realization that my calling to help was a co-dependent reaction rather than a LIGHT filled, compassionate, wisdom balanced – action.

In these times which are unfolding, as the planet and solar system go through their changes becoming more and more able to hold greater amounts of DIVINE LIGHT, as we as embodied souls go through the same ascension process, I feel we are being tested and called to align with the energies of LOVE in the presence of oppositional forces.

These are indeed the times spoken of by the Beloved Christ Jesus in the context of the “separation of the wheat from the chaff”, and as a soulJah for my Beloved Creator, my ability to hold more LIGHT calls for my being able to move through the illusion that I can ‘help’ embodied souls locked within their illusions and engagements with the darkness. My next lesson (102?) moving to a reality based in “being with’ in prayer, unless truly called to serve - with compassion and wisdom. A dear and wise Rasta put it more succinctly when I shared with him the context of this posting, “wait for those who cry out for help, the Father will place you there if you are needed and if you are not there, another will be there to help.”

This day is a call to reflect upon my actions/reactions – How do I see myself as engaging from my karmic (co-dependent) history of ‘helping’? When I encountered rage and hatred why did I choose to stay in the environment? How do I get linked into the emotional currents of darkness and how does my body get negative polarity energized from these energies? What are the ramifications physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually of engaging with the energies of darkness? What part does my ego play in wanting to be ‘seen’ as good? Where has wisdom been lacking in my compassion and how does it render I from being an effective soulJah for my Beloved Creator and humanity?

As I close this posting InI am deeply aware of the sadness permeating my heart. The source as yet is unknown. The sadness has something to tell me, InI will await its teachings.


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