Thursday, August 4, 2011

Perceptual Experience of Time - Space Distortion Related to Recent Solar Flares (?)

Perceiving distortions in time and space related to "where I AM placed in reality".

Feeling disoriented in time/space, nauseousness, heart rate increase, a sense of spinning and at other times as if my spiritual/etheral (?) body is being blasted as from a cannon. Skin feels prickly. Body feels as though it is being heated up. Front of head feels pressure. Heart feels anxious in response to this experience.

Although these flares have not reached earth as of this posting, InI perceive the light and intensity of what is coming to this planet.


This could be related to the large solar flares we have had in recent days, including a M.9.

HALO CME class M9 August 04/2011

Solar Storm Warning for Aug 5th 2011

M1-EARTH-DIRECTED BLAST: Should arrive August 5th, 2011.

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