Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Planetary Energy Check-In: 6/14/11

6/14/11 - Powerful day of perceiving Light entering the Planetary Consciousness as well as my self. The experience of Light created a space within me where being with my self was pleasant energetically, brought about deep intuitions, heightened insights, and moments of Grace and Peace. The experiences led to a meditation where I could feel the knots of tension in my body and by bringing my consciousness to those places and then acknowledging that they were tight, and then (this is the important part) thanking my body for everything it holds and processes; my breath became deeper and the knots dissipated. It was a powerful experience and ungrounding in certain moments (the joy, elation felt ungrounding as my mind wanted to just float away in the joy vibrations). The clearing also created a cleansing response later and I could not only feel new energies of darkness seeking to latch into my vibe, but the toxic energies I  had been holding in the knotted places, being released through the liver and blood, causing symptoms of nausea and head spinning.


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