Thursday, June 23, 2011


The photons coming into the earth right now are not only feeding Mother Earth, they are feeding us...LIGHT.

Today, I perceived an UPGRADE in conscious related to 'conceptual awareness'. I also perceived another planetary bredren having an UPGRADE himself as I read comments he posted on how he can "see" light-photons.

I also perceive this UPGRADE as being related to a cleansing reaction of Light entering places within matter which are dense - darker, and the lower vibe energies being "purged" out of the consciousness, DNA, cells, tissues, mind, heart, and outer reality experiences.

Blessings to our Planetary bredren and sistren enduring sufferation in these times of planetary wide tribulations.

Blessings to all the living creatures sentiment and not who are suffering and dying in mass die-offs...

Blessings to the earth - our home, as plates move, as volcanoes open and breath, and as the oceans and rivers swell. Blessings to the trees who have stood fast and are now being pulled by their roots from the earth. Blessings to the skies, our Blessed SUN being covered by technologies polluting the atmosphere with chemicals and biological agents.

Blessed love.

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