Sunday, June 19, 2011

ONELove vibe: The Animal Kingdom and the Divine Heart

There are many within the animal kingdom that are already quite advanced in terms of individualized consciousness.This advancement comes about primarily because of their association with humans.Those animals that individualize to the greatest degree have the possibility of advancing out of the animal kingdom at some point in their soul’s development and moving into the human family of souls. This has not happened often since the dawn of Creation, but it has happened.Some of the stories of Buddha reflect this understanding of the development of the animal soul which goes through its own learning process and its own period of evolution. Read more...THE EFFECT OF INCREASED LIGHT ON THE ANIMAL KINGDOM

Right relationship between the human and animal kingdoms involves respect for the sacredness of life that exists both within individual animals and within the species from which they originate. This respect acknowledges within each, aspects of consciousness that make them sensate creatures, even though their sensitivities are not of the same order as those of the human being. All animals, in one way or another, share in this capacity for feeling. In addition, the very nature of animals is meant to reflect a particular facet of Divine and expressive life upon the planet, revealing, in each case, a unique feature in relation to every other plant or animal of the same or different species. Read more... MAN'S SACRED RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ANIMAL KINGDOM


All the many animals lived in God's dream,
Millions of creatures in red, blue and green,
Some had more legs, than fingers or toes,
Some had bright faces with eyes all aglow,
Some were impatient to live and be born,
Some still hung back, afraid to go on,
But for all of the creatures that lived in God's mind,
There was none but the best and most beautiful kind.

- Julie Redstone

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