Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vibrational Upgrade: From "I" to InI

Even after hearing the same teaching for years, the density within and around me, made it virtually impossible to 'remember' how to consciously separate from negative emotions and vibes. Then today, a LIGHT began to shine within my perceptual awareness indicating that there was a Consciousness - Vibrational UPgrade occurring.

There were signs... this morning singing a Gospel song, repeating the same refrain:

Lift Him up, Lift Him up,
Still He speaks from eternity:

Here's InI teaching... next time in a situation where it may be painful, or the experience brings up strong emotions:

Leave the circular way of "I" thinking
 and let the thoughts spiral upwards...

Lift UP
Emotions are energy in motion...
constantly feeding nerve impulses, creating and then following repetitive neural pathways, remembering the same thought or recalling emotions in a pattern that goes round and round. Sometimes for years or a lifetime.

By changing that pattern and 'choosing' to allow thoughts to go upwards as if in a spiral, 'I' am 'choosing' in the presence of strong energies to connect to the greater InI consciousness. The "I" alone becomes one "with".

InI = "I" n God

By anchoring InI in the heart...

the possibility to be more grounded, creates an opening in the door of the heart, leading to the journey of connecting with the vibration of the Divine Heart of God.


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