Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Minding My Vibe: Grace in Times of Transition (s)

Even if life brings to one's doorstep events that were unanticipated or that one would not have wished for, even then, the state of grace can remain, surrounding each new circumstance with the knowledge of love's presence.  This gives to the heart more than a feeling of being able to get through something.  It conveys to the heart the certainty that all is well, no matter what eventualities one must encounter.

Julie Redstone

Keeping your Vibe High During a Time of Planetary Changes

It is our God given right… ‘choice’-‘freewill’. Either in our newly awakened states we fall into anger and despair, seeking someone, something, some government to blame, or we choose to ‘live the life we are given’, not unconsciously or with eyes closed… but with our eyes open, our hearts open, being guided by our souls, connecting with each other, and loving.

And for the awakened ones... the wayshowers, the light workers... the balance of holding sufferation and tribulation and TRUSTING is our next evolutionary step in our ascension process.

The choices you make now in the awakening stages of a planet in transition and transformation will determine what path you will follow….

Your soul is calling.




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"We Shall Overcome" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guide I - Learning New Patterns of Responding and Letting Go of the Past

"Letting Go of the Past"

The ease in which we are able to move into new ways of thinking and feeling depends on how deeply we are connected to our emotional histories AND how open we are to be changed by new circumstances.

This in turn depends on the intensity of the energies we are carrying and the quality of the perceptual distortions we may hold which encourages us to continue in our old ways of thinking.

When our energetic attachments are more pronounced we fear to make NEW CHOICES.

When our capacity for spiritual anchoring grows, bringing with it Light and spaciousness, we become able to not only change specific emotional responses, but alter our entire way of responding to life.

Teachings of Julie Redstone

Friday, June 24, 2011

Vibrational Awakenings


The power of prayer over man made phenomena.
The power of unified collective consciousness focused - Sacred Intention.

What you are experiencing is what the whole planet is experiencing – the question - will I survive?



6/24-2011: OneLove Vibe UPGRADE in Progress

This vibrational UPGRADE feels as if InI am being pulled through a vortex of TIME. A dimensional shift that is affecting cognizant abilities. InI can feel this UPGRADE centering in InI forehead and third eye area. Very intense energies. Feel as if InI head is spinning as well as being 'pulled' through a vortex.

Blessed love.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


The photons coming into the earth right now are not only feeding Mother Earth, they are feeding us...LIGHT.

Today, I perceived an UPGRADE in conscious related to 'conceptual awareness'. I also perceived another planetary bredren having an UPGRADE himself as I read comments he posted on how he can "see" light-photons.

I also perceive this UPGRADE as being related to a cleansing reaction of Light entering places within matter which are dense - darker, and the lower vibe energies being "purged" out of the consciousness, DNA, cells, tissues, mind, heart, and outer reality experiences.

Blessings to our Planetary bredren and sistren enduring sufferation in these times of planetary wide tribulations.

Blessings to all the living creatures sentiment and not who are suffering and dying in mass die-offs...

Blessings to the earth - our home, as plates move, as volcanoes open and breath, and as the oceans and rivers swell. Blessings to the trees who have stood fast and are now being pulled by their roots from the earth. Blessings to the skies, our Blessed SUN being covered by technologies polluting the atmosphere with chemicals and biological agents.

Blessed love.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

ONELove vibe: The Animal Kingdom and the Divine Heart

There are many within the animal kingdom that are already quite advanced in terms of individualized consciousness.This advancement comes about primarily because of their association with humans.Those animals that individualize to the greatest degree have the possibility of advancing out of the animal kingdom at some point in their soul’s development and moving into the human family of souls. This has not happened often since the dawn of Creation, but it has happened.Some of the stories of Buddha reflect this understanding of the development of the animal soul which goes through its own learning process and its own period of evolution. Read more...THE EFFECT OF INCREASED LIGHT ON THE ANIMAL KINGDOM

Right relationship between the human and animal kingdoms involves respect for the sacredness of life that exists both within individual animals and within the species from which they originate. This respect acknowledges within each, aspects of consciousness that make them sensate creatures, even though their sensitivities are not of the same order as those of the human being. All animals, in one way or another, share in this capacity for feeling. In addition, the very nature of animals is meant to reflect a particular facet of Divine and expressive life upon the planet, revealing, in each case, a unique feature in relation to every other plant or animal of the same or different species. Read more... MAN'S SACRED RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ANIMAL KINGDOM


All the many animals lived in God's dream,
Millions of creatures in red, blue and green,
Some had more legs, than fingers or toes,
Some had bright faces with eyes all aglow,
Some were impatient to live and be born,
Some still hung back, afraid to go on,
But for all of the creatures that lived in God's mind,
There was none but the best and most beautiful kind.

- Julie Redstone

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vibrational Upgrade: From "I" to InI

Even after hearing the same teaching for years, the density within and around me, made it virtually impossible to 'remember' how to consciously separate from negative emotions and vibes. Then today, a LIGHT began to shine within my perceptual awareness indicating that there was a Consciousness - Vibrational UPgrade occurring.

There were signs... this morning singing a Gospel song, repeating the same refrain:

Lift Him up, Lift Him up,
Still He speaks from eternity:

Here's InI teaching... next time in a situation where it may be painful, or the experience brings up strong emotions:

Leave the circular way of "I" thinking
 and let the thoughts spiral upwards...

Lift UP
Emotions are energy in motion...
constantly feeding nerve impulses, creating and then following repetitive neural pathways, remembering the same thought or recalling emotions in a pattern that goes round and round. Sometimes for years or a lifetime.

By changing that pattern and 'choosing' to allow thoughts to go upwards as if in a spiral, 'I' am 'choosing' in the presence of strong energies to connect to the greater InI consciousness. The "I" alone becomes one "with".

InI = "I" n God

By anchoring InI in the heart...

the possibility to be more grounded, creates an opening in the door of the heart, leading to the journey of connecting with the vibration of the Divine Heart of God.

--- www.greatchristianhymns.com/lift-him-up.html

ONELove vibe: The Cat and the Frog

selfless, ego-less, rise above the narrow confines of individualistic concerns*, love and compassion....

Attributes InI witnessed in a feral cat today.

inquisitive at the sound of human voices, stops by and sits between 2 humans reasoning - nightly - after the sun sets....

Attributes InI witness in the garden frog. nightly.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Nor shall derision prove powerful against those who listen to humanity or those who follow in the footsteps of divinity, for they shall live forever. Forever.

By cultivating the beautiful we scatter the seeds of heavenly flowers, as by doing good we cultivate those that belong to humanity.
Khalil Gibran

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meditations on Finding the Courage to Reveal Your Light in a Time of Darkness

The Children of the Light will be guided out of the darkness through the combination of the right use of will and guidance from the Light.

Here is what I 'see' -

Not in the darkness not coming for its coming has been foretold to prepare you.
HOPE will be found, be born in the darkness, and the Light will enter the hearts of the willing and give unto them strength, courage, compassion, and most of all... HOPE.

We shall yet see in these darkest of times to come - brother and sister of all nations and races - join together in compassion and love; to serve the suffering in the name of the Most High.

Messages from the Realms of Light: A New Energetic Alignment

A New Energetic Alignment

June 10, 2011

At the present time, a new energetic alignment is being created for the Earth that is transforming the energies of negativity and separated consciousness that have previously been in predominance on the Earth. This new alignment is shifting the balance of light on the Earth so that significantly more will become possible of light manifesting within the consciousness of humanity.

In previous times, the energies of separation were embedded within the atoms and molecules of third dimensional physical matter, which then supported choices related to individualized and separated consciousness. This situation provided access by forces which oppose the expansion of light to control situations which would otherwise benefit from more light filled awareness and choices.

These attempts can be seen in many areas and especially in choices related to the needs of the Earth for more sustainable ways of living which have been blocked and delayed for so long, even in the face of increasingly urgent climate changes.

Now, as the cosmic balance of light and darkness is shifting towards greater manifestation of light, forces which oppose this expansion are doing everything possible to disrupt the process.

You may experience this in your own consciousness by sudden upsurges of fear, confusion, or amplification of your own vulnerabilities. Plans created by your higher self which you are attempting to carry out may suddenly be disrupted either from external forces or by sudden attacks of self doubt and confusion.

It is important to understand that something much larger than what your conscious mind may understand is happening on the Earth, and that God's light is stronger than all energies of separation, negativity and darkness. You have the choice at each moment where to focus your attention. You can focus on the negative energies, which then amplifies the darkness or you can focus on God's light and love, and pray for healing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Possible Planetary "Upgrade" Vibrational Shift Occuring: 6/15/2011

Feel as though I AM being pulled forward through a vortex of energy.

Simultaneously, feeling fatigued, nauseous, headaches, neck pain. Sounds which are of a heavier, denser vibration, feel agitating to the mind and spirit.  Perceive an energy creating the sensation of pressure on the planet which is related to the pulling "forward"  as if through an energetic vortex.

I am not able to mentally discern what these insights and intuitions mean in this moment... and yet, not "knowing" mentally or being able to "figure out", that which I perceive or receive as prophecy, has always been a path my mind is asked to surrender to.


6/15/11 5:55 P.M. EST: Solar Tsunami & M-Flare / Solar Watch June 15, 2011

InI Meditation: A Time to Surrender and Let Go

Fear not the powers of the darkness

Prophecy Origin: 3-25-2011

Fear not the powers of the darkness.

Fear not the powers of those aligned with the darkness and seek to destroy my beloved (planet earth).

I seeith that which they have undone, that which is natural to (My earth).

I (humanity) seeith not and I (God) seeith all.

I walk amongst you

Prophecy Origin: 12-10-2008

Darkness feeds off of your suffering.

This is why it is important in these times to come to keep your thoughts as quiet as possible, centered in the reality of the moment, with God.

Still yourself. Do not allow the energies of fear to feed off of your thoughts. The darkness needs these energies to keep itself alive in your mind and heart. It will seek to do so through your thoughts.

Heed my warning -- Do not feed the energies of darkness.

Do not allow these energies to feed off of your pain, your despair, your depression, your anger, your loneliness, your shame, your grief.

Pray. Seek to quiet your mind and your heart. Stay quiet and centered in the moment. Strive to create inner silence.

Heed my words, do not feed the darkness.

Confounding the Planetary Consciousness

If you don’t mention the obvious…does it really exist?

If reality isn't documented in a timely manner, nor reported, or reported later as a crisis unfolds or after the crisis unfolds, does this reality truly exist?



What do you know about...
Volcanic Eruptions

Planetary Energy Check-In: 6/14/11

6/14/11 - Powerful day of perceiving Light entering the Planetary Consciousness as well as my self. The experience of Light created a space within me where being with my self was pleasant energetically, brought about deep intuitions, heightened insights, and moments of Grace and Peace. The experiences led to a meditation where I could feel the knots of tension in my body and by bringing my consciousness to those places and then acknowledging that they were tight, and then (this is the important part) thanking my body for everything it holds and processes; my breath became deeper and the knots dissipated. It was a powerful experience and ungrounding in certain moments (the joy, elation felt ungrounding as my mind wanted to just float away in the joy vibrations). The clearing also created a cleansing response later and I could not only feel new energies of darkness seeking to latch into my vibe, but the toxic energies I  had been holding in the knotted places, being released through the liver and blood, causing symptoms of nausea and head spinning.


ONELove vibe: The Crow, the Rabbit, and the Duck

The Crow
was standing next to
the Rabbit
who was sitting next
to the Duck,
who was resting
on the ground...

InI together,
as if in formation,
watching ...
the vehicles pass by.

As the humans gazed in wonder.



"Rare" Lunar Eclipse Wednesday—Longest in a Decade

Full Moon Meditation june 15 2011

Feeling Like Things Are Strange? Many People Are Having A Hard Time Staying Focused